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Samo Židan

Real estate agent, Upper Carniola and Ljubljana Region

About agent

A native of Gorenjska to whom typical stereotypes do not apply, as he is most straightforward, merry, kind and high spirited. Always in motion, he greatly enjoys working in the field, while also being active in the tourist association of his home town Kranjska Gora. Because the people of Gorenjska are seen as somewhat stubborn and slightly suspicious by nature, he uses his motto in day to day dealings with them, which goes - pleasant words are as a honeycomb, sweet to the soul. He also appears to possess a limitless supply of patience. His philosophy of life was readily apparent to him at an early age, and he put it to good use by studying and working in tourism. He is an exceedingly skilled organizer, something he has shown both in mediating and dealing with foreign buyers, as well as in preparing sports events for the tourist association. Foreigners represent the majority of his clients, often asking him to find exactly what they are looking for. His business correspondence is immaculate and also quite comprehensive, due to his many precise and expert explanations. He also helps obtain things for his clients outside of his line of work, from tax identification numbers to renovation project plans...

Agent's real estates

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