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About us

About us

The real estate company Agencia d.o.o. is formed by people from all parts of Slovenia, with different professions and different characters. We all have the same guidelines - an honest, reliable, professional and customer-friendly attitude, which is the main feature of our company.

The company was founded in 2003. We specialize in the sale, purchase, rental and letting of real estate. The company's headquarters are in Ljubljana, we have a business office on the Coast. We also  operate in the Karst and Upper Carniola areas.

The background of the company consists of co-workers, who are responsible for the smooth performance of agents and although not in the front line they are an integral part of our company. All contacts and communication with customers in the real estate business are handled by our professional team of agents, all with the acquired licenses for a real estate agent. Regardless of the region where you buy / sell or rent / lease, you will be welcomed by our agents with open arms and will receive fast and efficient help regarding your real-estate transactions. In the following, we invite you to view a more detailed description of our team.

560 Sold properties320 Buyed properties280 Rented properties470 Leased properties


Agencia d.o.o.
Gerbičeva Ulica 110

Why do business with us?


Our large and interesting offer can be seen on our daily updated website which is taken care by our assistant manager Irena Zorec.


In agreement with the client, we protect the entrusted data as a strict business secret and ensure the discretion of the performed transactions.


We maintain an open, professional and up-to-date communication between customers and business partners.

Large selection of properties


Jure Logar

Real estate agent

Ljubljana Region

Samo Židan

Real estate agent

Upper Carniola and Ljubljana Region

Igor Cukjati

Real estate agent

Ljubljana Region

Nataša Hergold Mežič

CEO and real estate agent

Coast Region

Andrej Pavlovič

Real estate agent

Coast Region

Urban Grosek

Manager of investments and real estate agent

Coast and Ljubljana Region

Irena Zorec

Assistant director


Nataliya Starovoytova

Assistant for Russian clients


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