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Agencia d.o.o. offers you a full range of services in the purchase, management and sale of investment property. To investors who want to increase their savings, we offer the possibility of safe investment in real estate.
Below is a list and description of real estate properties which all have the potential as an investment property.The percentage of returns listed next to the property is speculated value, since certain factors such as the final price, the actual costs, etc. can't be guaranteed thus the return can not be predicted accurately in advance. Therefore, we invite you to contact our investment manager Urban Grosek at +386 (0)31-696-076 or investicije@agencia.si for more information.

How to purchase and investment property with our help:

  • With our adviser, first determine the amount you want to invest in the property and the expected return that you want to achieve.
  • Then we search for a suitable apartment, house, business premises or land.
  • We carry out the complete sales process, including negotiation, preparation of a contract and handover of real estate.
  • We can also serach for a suitable tenant, buyer or prepare everything necessary for successful cooperation with an existing tenant.
  • Property begins to bring you the desired return.

Why invest in real estate:

  • The investment in real estate is safe, stable and profitable.
  • The cash return we achieve is usually much higher than if you have money at the bank.
  • The investment in real estate brings a constant monthly income
  • With the investment we achieve 5 to 10% annual returns.